The #TrumpBot Trainer: Learn To Shake Hands Like The Donald!

We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to the newest piece of robotic technology to hit the world. Introducing: TrumpBot! Trump bot is the innovative invention of one of the robot enthusiasts at Reddit and it’s a real work of art. It’s purpose and function are simple – imitate that unique and now legendary Trump handshake we’ve all seen so frequently of late.

His Handshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard

Justin Trudeau balked at the chance to partake in the unique “grip and rip” style of the President but a quick search online will reveal countless other mentions of the infamous handshake. But what made the handshake worthy of a robotic successor? Why replicate this handshake as opposed to other ridiculous handshaking styles we may have seen in the past? Because Trump is terrible – and he must be stopped 🙂

We know how fun it is to watch him when he’s set into a rage (just take a look at his Twitter lately) — so any extra assistance his loving public can give on the road to his ever more probable implosion is highly appreciated.

#TrumpMemes Are Probably The Best Thing To Come From His Presidency

They just won’t stop! From #TinyTrump to the countless other memes that have been created since his taking office – each series seems to gain perpetual momentum on it’s journey to what will most likely become meme-legend status.