#TinyTrump Sweeps The Nation (21 Pics)

#TinyTrump Memes are taking the internet by storm!

Internet users have created a hashtag that may not yet have caught your attention: #TinyTrump. We love this meme immensely because really, this presidency is a hot mess and everything is on fire and white nationalists are marching on our cities with torches, and we don’t know what else to do but to get under Trump’s skin and remind him that he is a small, small man. People across the world–on sites such as reddit, Twitter, and Tumblr– are having fun editing photos that make our Commander-in-Chief appear miniature, reducing him down to a teeny-weeny little version of himself. Is it funnier than it should be? Quite possibly, but we can’t stop laughing. And crying.

So click on through and see some of our favorite versions of this meme!

#21. TinyTrump and Larry, a Love Story

The scene is a typical day in the Oval Office. Vice President Mike Pence conducts a meeting. Tiny Trump, unable to follow the conversation, feels left out. But there is one person who can never ignore him: Larry, who operates the phone line at the neighborhood Domino’s. He places a call.

Tiny Trump asks Larry what pizza will make him appear the most manly. “I shouldn’t order banana peppers, right? I know people like them because they’re tangy, but they are also a bit mild. Banana peppers make me look weak.” Larry, as usual, is speechless. Tiny Trump decides to order the meatiest pizza. That will show Pence who is boss. No one can throw a pizza party like President Tiny Trump. He’s even going to throw in an order of those Chocolate Lava Cakes that Flynn likes so much. Make that two! No one will ever underestimate Tiny Trump again. No one.

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