13 Politicians Who Killed People And Got Away With Murder

You have heard the old axiom that politicians can “get away with murder,” but is that actually true? History shows that the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Here are 13 politicians who killed people and got away with murder, in no particular order.

#13. David S. Terry

David S. Terry was the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court in 1859. Terry was a pro-slavery Democrat and advocated for extending slavery into California, while his good friend David Broderick was a “Free Soiler” and a US Senator.

Animosity grew between Terry and Broderick over the issue until they were exchanging insults at party conventions. Finally, the two had had enough of each other’s guff and decided to hold a duel near Merced Lake outside San Francisco.

Senator Broderick’s pistol discharged early and he was forced to stand still while Chief Justice Terry shot him through the lung. Broderick died a few days later. The judge was acquitted of murder and finished out his term, although he never held office again.