#32. Eagles

Few bands blended rock and country quite like the Eagles. From their vivid storytelling lyrics, to complex vocal harmonies, to their trademark intertwining guitar lines, The Eagles took popular music to a new level of sophistication of songcraft. Despite a┬ámassive fan base and critical accolades – they won the 1977 “Song of the Year” Grammy for their smash “Hotel California” – the band members didn’t always “take it easy” when it came to personal relationships within the group.

It was fitting, then, that their 1994 reunion tour and album was called “Hell Freezes Over” (based on the unlikelihood that the band would ever want to get back together). Happily, the venture was lucrative, contributing to singer/songwriter Glenn Frey’s net worth of $70 million, and drummer/songwriter Don Henley’s staggering $200 million.