The Net Worth of Your Favorite Old School Musicians Will Blow You Away

For many of us, classic rockers wrote the soundtrack of our lives. We’ve seen them in concert, sung their songs at karaoke, quoted their lyrics at weddings and graduations, blasted them in our cars, and put them on the stereo every time we feel nostalgic. As important as these bands are to millions of people like us, many have enjoyed careers that lasted decades (some even a half-century).

Naturally, our favorite old school musicians have also made some impressive amounts of money along the way. These 33 old school musicians top the charts, in our hearts, record sales, and net worth:

#33. The Rolling Stones

What started out as a humble blues band exploded into an international phenomenon spanning more than 50 years, dozens of records, and multiple generations of fans. Equally impressive is that much of the original 1962 lineup has stayed intact. Streaming has killed album sales for most artists, but there’s no need to have “sympathy” for these devils.

The Rolling Stones still make a killing playing live, earning billions in ticket sales. Because of this, lead singer Mick Jagger is said to be worth in excess of $360 million, with his fellow “Glimmer Twin” Keith Richards only slightly behind at $340 million.