Truth vs Trump: John Oliver's Mocking Take On Trump's Latest Meanderings

John Oliver is back! His show, “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” launched a barrage of assaults on the Trump administration and it’s latest bungles. John began his show by commenting on the now famous comments Trump made about Sweden. If you missed it Trump uttered, “Last Night In Sweden… Sweden, Who would believe this…Sweden” ambiguously as he spoke on the topic of refugees at what John called, “A meaningless rally in Melbourne, Florida.”

There was just one problem with Trump’s remarks… Nothing happened in Sweden. There was no terror attack, no huge change in policy, no foreign leader was being held hostage – there was nothing. Leaving some of us (including John Oliver) to question  – “What The F*ck Was He Talking About?!”


Later Trump Tweeted about the comments saying his comments were in reference to a story he had seen on Fox News earlier that day. Yikes.

Later In The Show...

John covered the story of the assassination of the North Korean leader, Kim Jon Un’s estranged brother. A young woman was duped into taking on an assassination plot to kill the Supreme Leader’s brother while they were both at an airport.  The innocent woman was approached and convinced she was taking part in a prank show. You didn’t read that wrong – She was instructed to tell men to close their eyes before eventually spraying a liquid (later discovered to be poison) in their faces. One of the faces was none other than of Kim Jon Un’s brother, Kin Jon Nan.

The North Korean’s Leader, Kim Jong Un’s estranged brother died…

The show didn’t didn’t stop there. The show continued as we covered more of the stories that went under the radar last week — Including one about Donald Trump giving a hat that read “Make Somalia Great Again” to the Somalian President and another about the POTUS’s super casual response to a question about the Palestinian two state solution.

Oliver also had a great segment on Trump & Russia – Check out the clip below: