15 Inspiring Women Who Will Leave You In Awe

What does inspiration mean to you? When you ponder on what it takes to be inspiring, who do you think of? Inspiration isn’t found everywhere. In fact, unless you are looking for it, you will rarely find yourself inspired. But when you make it a goal each day to be inspired, you can rest assured there are many ways to achieve this objective. From books to seminars to TV shows, there are many outlets for you to take advantage of that will spark inspiration into your life. For now, let’s take a close look at 15 inspirational women who will leave you in awe.

#15. Ellen DeGeneres

Known for being one of America’s most well-liked comedians, Ellen DeGeneres was born in 1958 in Louisiana. In addition to her famous talk show that attracts millions of viewers each day, Ellen is known for her prominent role in supporting gay/lesbian rights. It was in 1997 that Ellen came out as gay and she married her wife in 2008. In 2003, she launched her self-titled talk show, Ellen, and it has been a major success ever since.

Viewers of the show will quickly see why Ellen is such an inspiration. She has a wide variety of guests on the show and always pays close attention to the needs and wants of those in her audience. She gives away a considerable amount of money and gifts on her show and is a big supporter of different types of charity. She is the ultimate role model and has proven to everyone that even if you step outside the cultural norm, you can still lead a life of success and help others along the way.