33 Hysterical Anti-Trump Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Wow, political comedy has been on fire lately! Of course once Trump won the election all of us kind of expected that. Really, what could be more entertaining (or scary) than a reality TV star becoming Commander-in-Chief? Below we compiled our favorite anti-trump memes from around the web. Our staff can’t stop laughing – Enjoy!

#33. Let's Start With Fake News

The fact that we’re living in a world where people seem to think they can dismiss any bad news against them as fake, and present their own “alternative facts”, is sad. And the fact that this administration and our President does this with such incredible frequency, however, is simply unacceptable.

Thank you to PoliticalHumor for this awesome meme. Can you imagine the current administration being in charge of the Titanic? At first warning of an iceberg off the port-side bow we’re sure they would just claim it to be an alternative fact and go back to their first-class cabins.