This Drone Flew Over A North Carolina Pig Farm and You Won't Believe What It Discovered

What does bacon and high tech have in common? Besides the fact that most people like both there may not seem to be much, but when Mark Devries flew his drone over a pig farm he made a disturbing discovery.

#7. These Conditions Will Blow You Away

Modern technology has recently shed light on “factory farming” methods that have been in practice in the shadows, where the animals we eat are now “grown” inside giant hidden factories often under the most horrendous of conditions. The following information details what Mark Devries did to uncover this, and what he discovered regarding factory farming in the United States.

Devries had a pretty good idea of what he’d find when he programmed his drone to fly over a pig farm. But even he was surprised by the environmental devastation and the horrible conditions that the animals lived under.

Whether you’re a committed vegetarian or a meat-eater, the conditions surrounding these factory farms and the far-reaching effects into the surrounding communities will shock you.