The 30 Most Bizarre Celebrity Backstage Demands

Everyone has heard about weird and wild backstage requests form their favorite performers. Whether it was that staff members had to remove all but the red M&Ms from a candy dish or that certain singers demand that they are only seen in soft lighting, it’s no secret that the bigger the star the bigger the requests on their tour rider. But are those old rumors really true? According to recent reports and media leaks, it does seem like some of the biggest stars on the planet do really have a few diva-like demands on the road.

Whether they are in need of a specific kind of bottled water, they can only enter rooms that are kept at a certain temperature or they want to enjoy themselves in a room that is stocked full of expensive vodka, the sky is the limit when it comes to the outrageous requests of your favorite singers and performers. Check out this comprehensive list for a sneak peek into the lives of the rich and fabulous while they are on the road.

#30. Beyonce

She also loves having plenty of tasty food options available for herself and her crew including heavily seasoned baked chicken legs, thighs and breasts. Additionally, the songstress can only be seen with Pepsi products, so anything Coke must go!