Bill Maher & Jane Fonda DESTROY Donald Trump On Last Week's Episode Of Real Time

Bill Maher returned to HBO last weekend with guest, Jane Fonda. His Show, Real Time With Bill Maher opened with it’s traditional monologue where Bill took time to address his birthday along with his sentiments on the Trump inauguration ceremony.

Bill had choice words when it came to Trump’s inaugural speech. Jane mentions her recent involvement with the protestors at the Dakota Access Pipeline (a bee’s nest that Donald Trump recently stirred up again) and the conversation quickly turns to our new President. Jane refers to President Trump as “The Predator In Chief” (maybe we can get #PredatorInChief trending on Twitter?) also saying, “I refuse to address him by name”. The audience clearly agrees with Jane.

Check out the episode below (skip to the 6 minute mark for Jane):

Jane and Bill clearly have hard feelings for our new President but how do you feel? Let us know in the comments section below.