Bill Maher Explores Our Crisis Of Democracy

It’s that time again… We’re getting real with Real Time With Bill Maher. Bill had a great show for us this week – not because Bill crushed Donald Trump AGAIN – but because this week Bill Hosted guests from literally all corners of this crazy world we’ve found ourselves living in.

Bill’s monologue began with him addressing President’s Day Weekend before transitioning to the very real crisis we as a country are dealing with. Michael Flynn was topic one but he quickly helped us to navigate through all of the important issues we’ve seen hit the headlines this past week.

Flynn’s illegal contact with Russia is being called “Fake News” by the commander in chief but Bill Maher isn’t buying it.

A Different Kind Of President?

Bill shared his thoughts on the reason we’ve seen an increase in Leaked Documents  – “The intelligence agencies are leaking like crazy because they are trying to send a message that says ‘This is not just a different kind of President…’ NO! He’s f*ckin’ nuts!” – A candid perspective from the well-known Trump opponent. The show was great and I’ve compiled some of the better interviews below. Be sure to watch them all and tune in to Real Time with Bill Maher every Friday at 10PM on HBO.

Here’s Leah’s Interview:

Here’s The Controversial, Milo Yiannopoulos Interview:

Here’s This Week’s “New Rules” Just Because It Was Too Good To Not Share!