The 33 Richest Alternative Rock Bands on the Planet

Everything about rock n’ roll screams excess and it is hard not to admire the fast-paced and super luxurious life of the biggest alternative rock bands in the world. With a career that typically revolves around sold-out arenas, jet-setting across the globe and partying like, well a rock star –it’s easy to see why so many young musicians aspire to be like the names in their favorite bands. While most people can only dream of signing their songs in front of crowds of 20,000 or more people, this is a nightly gig for most of the world’s richest alternative rock legends.

Whether you’re a fan of hard rock, classic rock or something that sits right in between like alternative rock, it is hard to deny that rock n’ roll is still one of the most popular genres of music across the globe. And with so many eager ears awaiting the next release from their favorite alternative rock bands, it’s easy to understand that huge record sales result in big record contracts. After decades of topping the charts and selling out world tours, your favorite alternative rock bands are cleaning up and making serious bank.

#31. Nirvana – Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was the frontman and lead singer of the legendary alternative rock band, Nirvana. The band reached the height of their popularity in the early 90s, coming up with other grunge bands like Soundgarden and Pearl Jam.

After releasing the debut album Bleach in 1989, Nirvana went on to release their breakthrough album Smells Like Teen Spirit in 1991. However, after the band blew up and started breaking records. Cobain found himself shying away from the spotlight and coping with alcohol and drugs. They released their 3rd album In Utero in 1993 but unfortunately, Cobain took his life in 1994, ending the bands’ whirlwind rise to fame.

Net Worth $50 Million